Products & Services

Reinsurance Broking

IIBRe is the first such reinsurance intermediary in the Caribbean handling extensive treaty and facultative placements in the international marketplace. Clients include all our captives, Caribbean insurers and international underwriters. Captive Management - CGM Gallagher's portfolio includes eight captive insurance vehicles and has developed extensive regional experience by working with captive insurers domiciled in Cayman, Bermuda, St. Lucia and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Our international correspondents include Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., AON, SBJ and Cooper Gay, Willis, and we have direct access to the international markets such as Munich Re, Swiss Re, Hannover Re, the Bermuda markets and London/Lloyd’s restricted markets. Through our association with Arthur J. Gallagher, we also have access to ARTEX resources, the global AJG management company.

Captive Administration

A captive is an alternative to traditional insurance which allows companies to manage their risks by acting as their own insurer. Risks held by this insurer can be reinsured in the international market or held by the captive insurance company as necessary.

A captive vehicle is an ideal Alternative Risk Transfer solution for large corporations that need a long term answer to managing complex risk within a tax friendly environment. (See Divisions/Subsidiaries)