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If your company stores data records electronically, is engaged in electronic commerce, is connected to the world-wide web/ Internet, uses e-mail to communicate with outside contacts or is dependent on technological systems in any way- it is at risk for Cyber Liability. Gallagher Insurance Brokers is pleased to facilitate Cyber Liability insurance underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. This product provides your company with the coverage it needs as it develops dependency on electronic processing systems and electronic storage of data records.

Cyber Liability also covers Third Party Exposures such as:

  • Defamatory comment contained within an e-mail communication
  • Libel and Slander, Infringement of Trade Mark or Copyright
  • Staff harassment due to electronic dissemination of unsuitable content
  • Damage caused to Third Parties as a result of a transmission of a virus infection emanating from your system
  • Third Party financial loss due denial of authorized access to your computer system.

Gallagher Insurance Brokers is proud to facilitate Wedding Insurance underwritten by Massy United Insurance. That’s right! You can be covered for your special day. Our wedding insurance package provides the opportunity for couples to purchase coverage for the occurrence of any unexpected misfortunes leading up to or on the big day- including Public Liability. It ensures that the couple or agreed beneficiary is reimbursed for lost deposits and payments and will also cover additional costs associated with the wedding and related services. This is inclusive of cancellations, postponement, failure of suppliers, wedding attire, wedding gifts, rings/flowers/cake, cars & transport, photographs/video. (Read more)

The Gallagher Caribbean Group is staffed by a team of qualified, experienced and competent insurance professionals who understand the risk exposures that are inherent in our clients' businesses, and the industries in which they operate. As an indigenous Caribbean company with over four decades of experience in insurance broking, our Property & Casualty (P &C) teams are leaders in the region. We serve the public and private sectors and are specialists across a wide range of industries including, manufacturing, finance, agriculture, hospitality, telecommunication, commercial, industrial, energy, public utility, livestock, marine, higher education, construction, health and business processing outsourcing.

Our goal is to:

  • identify and analyze our client’s risk exposures and vulnerabilities
  • recommend solutions and best practices to eliminate, reduce and/or transfer risk exposures
  • provide our clients with the most comprehensive and competitive terms from the insurance and reinsurance markets